“Mary Parlange has that rare talent of combining scientific literacy with journalistic skill. She writes, edits and translates with ease. She is full of good ideas, she meets deadlines—and she does it all with a smile.”
—Henry Muller, Editor, Technologist Magazine, former editor of Time Magazine.

“Besides an obvious mastery of language structure, Mary has a remarkable talent for revealing and respecting an author’s voice. She brings clarity and cohesion to your content—no matter the genre—with the goal of captivating your readers. Mary’s approach as an editor embodies the idea that elegance simplifies.”
Sue Niewiarowski, owner and principal designer at N-Design.

“Mary Parlange has become an integral part of my writing team, and her proofreading and editing are a necessary final step before my book can meet the public. She is skilled, thorough, fast, and diplomatic. More than once, she has gently corrected errors I didn’t even realize I’d been making, and she backs up any controversial suggestions with solid sources. I enjoy working with her and recommend her highly.”
Nancy Freund, author

“Mary is an exceptional science writer as well as a gifted translator. I have had the chance to count on her service during the last 6 years at EPFL (Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne) Press Service. She has been—and still is—a key element of our bilingual workflow. Fast and dependable, she is able to render the tiniest and most subtle nuances of French into a vivid, reader–friendly English text. Her scientific background and political sensitivity allow her to take the necessary freedom and distance from the source language, which result in texts sounding truly English native with a engaging tone of her own. I feel compelled to add that her creative writing skills go far beyond scientific divulgation. When needed, she can adapt her style to a more formal and/or technical level. Mary has the required sensitivity to write or translate with a targeted audience in mind, even in a highly restrictive field like science or academic policy.”
Lionel Pousaz, EPFL

“Mary is a vivid and imaginative writer with that rare ability to transport a reader fully into the world of the characters. Fortunately for those of us who have worked with her, she’s also a thoughtful and meticulous editor who can help with everything from structure and organization to wording and punctuation.”
— Ellen Massey Leonard, adventure writer and photographer

“Mary is an amazing translator, extremely competent, reliable and fast, with an eye for details.”
—Daniel Saraga, Head of Communications, Swiss National Science Foundation

“Grâce à sa connaissance des termes techniques et à sa parfaite maitrise du français, les traductions de Mary Parlange ont été particulièrement appréciées. Nous recommandons son travail consciencieux, efficace, précis et rapide.”
Marielle Stamm, membre fondateur, Musée Bolo

“Few copyeditors understand the process of completing a book better or are willing to get “all up in your sentences” like Mary Parlange does. Her detail to structure and grammar — as well as to relevance and honesty — is unparalleled. She is a delight to work with.”
Elizabeth Hornor Boquet, author

“Editing a book is supposed to be a form of torture. Right? … not if you hire Mary Parlange to edit it for you. I handed over my manuscript with a sense of trepidation. Mary proceeded to poke and prod, jiggle and cleave, add spice in all the right ways. We met over cups of coffee and tea. We discussed and laughed. You wouldn’t believe how hard we laughed. She shaped the novel with a firm hand yet intrinsically respected my unique
voice. I honestly feel that I became a better writer through the process.”
Elen Ghulam, author